Our Mission

Here at Bloom Marketing our mission is to help grow and support local businesses so that business and the people behind them flourish! We know you're passionate about what you do, so let us help drive that passion and put it to work!

Our Values

Effective marketing of a business can not be done by one person alone, it is about working together with you and your team with your customer in mind. It is about connecting, building a strong relationship with you, having a good knowledge of your industry and gaining a better understanding of your customer so that we can communicate effectively.

Bloom Marketing is customer focused and believes in a collaborative approach to support business growth.

Anna Wilson

Marketing Consultant based in
Christchurch, New Zealand.

Anna saw and went through the devastation of the Christchurch Earthquakes which in seconds changed the lives of many. It also changed Christchurch’s landscape and changed business in Christchurch. Eight years on the city is rebuilding, Anna also sees it is an exciting time with lots of potential and opportunities for business growth and for new business. Anna wants to see, be a part of and help drive the passion of talented locals! Anna wants to see businesses grow and succeed, this for the benefit of our city and our people.